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Welcome to Homegrown Hornsea

HOME GROWN HORNSEA wants to see Hornsea become more self sufficient in food.  Hornsea is a small town on the East Coast of Yorkshire in England.  We follow in the footsteps of Incredible Edibles and other such eco-food groups.  We recognise the need to be locally self-sufficient in food and other natural resources due to the changing nature of the world today and the not too distant future of peak oil and climate change.  Contact us with ideas or to get involved.  Email: homegrownhornsea@gmail.com

Orchard Work Days

Orchard days are at 1.30pm on the first Sunday of every month except for January and February  All equipment is provided.  All welcome.The orchard is located between the rail trail and Tescos. 



A regular local produce market is taking place in Hornsea, under the umbrella of HGH. The Living Well Project and FLAG fisheries support the idea, along with other local traders.  See the Local  Market page for more information about the next local produce market.  The local market takes place at Cinema Street, off Newbegin, Hornsea on the last Saturday of the month.


Have you got a story to tell about a special place in Hornsea?  It could be about a woodland, a lane, a pond, the beach, a field, a drain, a garden, an allotment ... or simply one tree.  What memories does this place hold for you?  Why is it special to you?  One member of Home Grown Hornsea is collecting stories about people and places in and around Hornsea, with a view to compiling a short booklet about the relation between people and place.  If you have a story to tell, contact Laura at homegrownhornsea@gmail.com  For more information about the link between stories and the land see the Landscape and Stories Project page and the organisation Common Ground at www.commonground.org.uk



Hornsea Civic Society conducted a survey of hedgehogs during the summer months of 2016.  As we know, hedgehogs are in serious decline (50 years ago there were 30 million. Today there are less than 1 million).  A survey of our local hedgehogs will give us an idea of how they are faring, and help us to think of ways we can ensure their survival.  Any thoughts on fundraising to enable this survey to happen, are welcome.  If you see a sick or injured hedgehog contact the Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 980801 for advice.  


"Commonplace nature, everyday landscapes, ordinary wildlife, are as vital to nature's overall wellbeing as the special, the endangered and the rare". Sue Clifford (Common Ground).

"An apple a day keeps the Doctor away". (Anon)

New developments at HGH

Home Grown Hornsea has had an injection of fresh energy with two new trustees:  Alan Tharratt and Thom Stridd.

We have decided to continue as before without a formal membership scheme but will compile a fresh list of supporters/ interested parties who we will keep up to date with regular emails and Facebook messages. We will also be running monthly social meetings to give everyone an opportunity to get involved with our activities and suggest or spearhead new initiatives.

We intend to use the charity as an umbrella organisation/ catalyst for a wide range of initiatives to help us live more sustainably, healthily and in harmony with our natural environment. We welcome and will lend our support to anyone with viable projects that comply with our objectives. However, our immediate concerns are as follows:

Orchard:  From now on we will attempt to make the orchard more accessible and attractive to the public by ensuring that pathways are regularly strimmed through the spring and summer, whilst maintaining as far as possible the areas designated for wildlife. Sections of the Orchard will gradually be converted to Forest Garden and information boards added. Any ideas for more activities and help in the Orchard would be particularly welcome.

Cafe: We will be joining forces with the new Cancer Support Charity on Newbegin and using our funding to set up a small Natural Food cafe serving healthy drinks and snacks. Once up and running this will be taken over and run independently by Horne C Cancer Support  but we will be able to use the cafe as a base for our meetings and other activities.

 Schools:  We are in negotiations with Hornsea School and chef, Katy Wheelwright to set up a series of workshops to promote the use of local organic produce with cookery classes and meals for students and parents.

Trees:  We hope to join the One Tree per Child project initiated in Bristol by planting a tree for every child in the town.

We have made a few preliminary enquiries as to how we might get Hornsea involved in the scheme launched in Bristol to plant a tree for every child in our town. The idea is to work with the schools to get the children to each plant a tree and look after it. We need to have land to plant them on of course and are considering asking the Councils for permission to use land alongside the viaduct for the Primary schools and in the park or up Atwick Road for the Secondary Schools.

Film – Tomorrow

We have agreed a provisional date in September with the Floral Cinema Club for showing the film ‘Tomorrow’. This is what Rob Hopkins says about it:

“Already viewed by over 1.5 million people in France alone, and winner of Best Documentary at the Cesar Awards (the French Oscars), ‘Tomorrow’ has been hugely impactful.  Produced by activist and writer Cyril Dion and actress/director Mélanie Laurent (see below), it tells the story of their search for solutions to the crisis humanity faces.

It is a hugely positive, affirming and inspirational film, exploring creative solutions in the fields of food, energy, transport, economics and education.  It visits permaculture farms, urban agriculture projects, community-owned renewable projects, local currencies, creative schools, ambitious recycling projects.  It has been a huge boost to community-led projects, and is currently on release in 29 other countries, regularly receiving standing ovations, and leading to the formation of many new community projects.  It is the perfect antidote to the current sense of global despondency.  It also has a great soundtrack!”

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions or would like to get involved with any of these projects please let us know. You can find out more down at the Orchard (behind Tescos) on the first Sunday of the month or at the new HGH socials when the cafe is open.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new phase for the charity and feel inspired to get involved with one or more of the above projects. We would also welcome people who can help with fundraising, liaison with other groups and bodies and other admin work. You may just like to come along to the social meetings and enjoy some green drinks. There is no pressure to commit to anything so feel free to send us your details to homegrownhornsea@gmail.com if you would like to receive updates. Alternatively, come along to an Orchard Day at 1.30pm on the first Sunday of the month or Tel: 0795 8298365. You can find Home Grown Hornsea Community Orchard on facebook.

Hope to see you soon!


Meetings to set up a Time Bank in Hornsea have taken place. For more information about what a Time Bank is see www.timebank.org or if you want to be involved email homegrownhornsea@gmail.com   

Contact Suzanne on 01964 204974 for more information


In 2013 Home Grown Hornsea received funding from the Community Learning Fund to run a series of workshops on growing herbs, bike maintenance, sewing skills, and bread making.  These workshops were successfully completed during the summer.  And now ...


Craft sessions are held regularly at Sue's house.  Contact Suzanne on 01964 204974 for more information or email homegrownhornsea@gmail.com


For all those who wish to know a bit about gardening, whether you are a beginner, or well-seasoned, a  gardening club is running at the United Reformed Church. The idea is to swap ideas, help one another to grow plants, and to have an occasional outing to a local garden.  A potting shed will be set up in the grounds of the Church so that seedlings can be grown there, before being planted out in your garden or planter.  It is hoped that vegetables and herbs will also be grown by some of the participants.  For more information contact Laura on 01964 532152.

The Gardening Club took a break over the summer and will recommence in September.  Watch this space for dates.

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